TLI11215 Certificate I Warehousing Operations

Course Overview

The nationally recognised TLI11215 Certificate I in Warehousing Operations is a general qualification and suitable for anyone wishing to start work or develop a career in for the Warehousing and Storage Industry.

Students will develop knowledge and skills in relation to WHS procedures, packaging goods, processing orders, participating in stocktakes, shifting materials using manual handling methods, working with others and customer service.

Course Price: $1,080.00

Job Roles

Occupational titles may include:

  • Store Persons
  • Warehouse Worker

Course Units Available

There are 10 units included in this qualification.

TLIF1001 Follow work health and safety procedures

Topics include:

  • Follow workplace procedures for hazard identification and risk control
  • Contribute to arrangements for managing of work health and safety
  • Complete work health and safety records

TLIA2011 Package goods

Topics include:

  • Select materials and pack and unwrap products
  • Label packaged products/loads

TLIA2022 Participate in stocktakes

Topics include:

  • Prepare for stocktake
  • Stocktake and count stock
  • Identify stock discrepancies
  • Complete documentation

TLIE1003 Participate in basic workplace communication

Topics include:

  • Communicate information about routine tasks, processes, events or skills
  • Participate in group discussions to achieve appropriate work outcomes
  • Represent views of the group to others

TLIG1001 Work effectively with others

Topics include:

  • Contribute to determination of appropriate work roles
  • Contribute to the planning of the activity
  • Work with others

TLIL1001 Complete workplace orientation/induction procedures

Topics include:

  • Identify major areas of the workplace in terms of functions, organisational structures and occupations
  • Organise and accept responsibility for own workload
  • Apply ethical practices
  • Receive and act constructively on personal feedback
  • Participate in identifying and meeting own learning needs
  • Plan and organise a personal daily routine

TLIA2012 Pick and process orders

Topics include:

  • Identify workplace order picking processes, policies and procedures
  • Pick and despatch an order
  • Record stock levels

TLID1001 Shift materials safely using manual handling methods

Topics include:

  • Assess risks associated with the relocation of the load
  • Plan load relocation
  • Relocate load

TLIE1005 Carry out basic workplace calculations

Topics include:

  • Carry out calculations
  • Prepare estimates
  • Interpret graphical representations of mathematical information

TLII1002 Apply customer service skills

Topics include:

  • Deal with customer inquiries
  • Monitor customer satisfaction