TLI21216 Certificate II in Driving Operations

Course Overview

The TLI21216 Certificate II in Driving Operations is a qualification for those wanting to engage in driving roles within the Transport and Logistics Industry.

Students will develop the knowledge and skills to perform range of tasks involving known routines and procedures, and taking some accountability for the quality of work outcomes. Successful completion of the licensing units within the qualification must align with licensing and regulatory requirements applicable to driving and state/territory regulatory requirements.

Course Price: $1,752.00

Job Roles

Occupational titles may include:

  • Express/Priority Driver
  • Pick up and Delivery Driver
  • Taxi/ Truck Driver

Course Units Available

18 units are included in this Qualification

TLID1001 Shift materials safely using manual handling methods

Topics include:

  • Assess risks associated with relocating load
  • Plan load relocation
  • Relocate load

TLIF1001 Follow work health and safety procedures

Topics include:

  • Follow workplace procedures for hazard identification and risk control
  • Contribute to arrangements for the management of occupational health and safety
  • Complete occupational health and safety records

TLIH2001 Interpret road maps and navigate predetermined routes

Topics include:

  • Identify and determine the pre-planned route
  • Complete necessary documentation

TLIC1051Operate Commercial Vehicles

Topics include:

  • Operate commercial vehicle
  • Monitor traffic and road conditions
  • Monitor and maintain vehicle performance

TLIE3004 Prepare workplace documents

  • Topics include:
  • Plan workplace document
  • Prepare workplace document
  • Complete workplace forms

TLII1002 Apply customer service skills

  • Topics include:
  • Deal with customer inquiries
  • Monitor customer satisfaction

TLIJ2001 Apply quality procedures

  • Topics include:
  • Apply quality concepts
  • Trial improvements
  • Implement improvement

TLID2004 Load and unload goods/cargo

  • Load and unload goods/cargo
  • Secure and protect load
  • Complete documentation

TLIF0001 Apply chain of responsibility legislation, regulations and workplace procedures

Topics include:

  • Explain the chain of responsibility features in the Heavy Vehicle National Law and regulations or applicable state/territory law and regulations
  • Apply chain of responsibility requirements in the Heavy Vehicle National Law and regulations or applicable state/territory law and regulations
  • Identify and report chain of responsibility breaches

TLIA2044 Carry out delivery operations

  • Topics include:
  • Prepare to deliver mail and/or consignment
  • Deliver mail/consignment to specific route
  • Report on delivery activity

TLIE1005 Carry out basic workplace calculations

Topics include:

  • Carry out calculations
  • Prepare estimates
  • Interpret graphical representations of mathematical information

TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies

Topics include:

  • Identify and act upon signs of fatigue
  • Implement strategies to minimise fatigue

TLIL1001 Complete workplace orientation/induction procedures

  • Identify major areas of the workplace in terms of functions, organisational structures and occupations
  • Organise and accept responsibility for own workload
  • Apply ethical practices
  • Receive and act constructively on personal feedback
  • Participate in identifying and meeting own learning needs
  • Plan and organise a personal daily routine

TLIE2008 Process workplace documentation

Topics include:

  • Plan documentation
  • Complete documentation

TLIF2006 Apply accident-emergency procedures

Topics include:

  • Respond to the incident
  • Control and assist at accident or emergency site
  • Finalise accident – emergency process and complete records

TLIA1001A Secure cargo

Topics include:

  • Prepare to secure cargo/containers
  • Lash and unlash cargo
  • Protect cargo from weather
  • Pack and unpack cargo

TLIB2004 Carry out vehicle inspection

Topics include:

  • Check the vehicle
  • Clean vehicle
  • Complete documentation

TLIE1003 Participate in basic workplace communication

Topics include:

  • Communicate information about routine tasks, processes, events or skills
  • Participate in group discussions to achieve appropriate work outcomes
  • Represent views of the group to others

TLIK2010 Use infotechnology devices in the workplace

Topics include:

  • Identify infotechnology systems
  • Access and operate computer-based equipment and systems
  • Input, store and present files/data
  • Implement workplace procedures for management and security of data