FDF20111 Certificate II in Food Processing

Course Overview

The nationally recognised FDF20111 Certificate II in Food Processing is an entry level qualification suitable for individuals who want to work in the food processing industry.

Students will develop the skills and knowledge to work in a variety of supervised production or production support roles, for example, packaging, machine operations and bottling.  It may be possible to find employment in a range of food processing environments such as dairy, fruit and vegetables, confectionery, grocery products, poultry, beverages and grain processing.

Course Price: $1,332.00

Job Roles

Occupational titles may include:

  • Packager
  • Production Worker
  • Machine Operator

Course Units Available

There are 13 units in this qualification

Implement the food safety program and procedures

  • Implement the food safety program
  • Participate in maintaining and improving food safety
  • Comply with personal hygiene standards

Participate in OHS processes

  • Plan and prepare to work safely
  • Conduct work safely
  • Participate in OHS consultative activities
  • Follow emergency response procedures

Apply quality systems and procedures

  • Monitor quality of work outcome
  • Participate in maintaining and improving quality at work

Provide and apply workplace information

  • Provide and apply information to suit workplace and audience requirements
  • Respond to information requests
  • Use and maintain workplace information

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

  • Identify current resource use and environmental issues.
  • Comply with environmental regulations.
  • Seek opportunities to improve environmental practices and resource efficiency.

Work effectively in the food processing industry

  • Overview the food processing industry
  • Identify key production processes and supply chains
  • Carry out work responsibilities according to policies and procedures
  • Take responsibility for own skill development

Inspect and sort materials and product

  • Inspect materials to confirm fitness for use
  • Sort materials

Clean equipment in place

  • Prepare for cleaning
  • Operate and monitor the cleaning process
  • Dispose of waste and return plant to operating condition

Clean and sanitise equipment

  • Prepare for cleaning
  • Clean and sanitise equipment to meet workplace requirements

Work in a socially diverse environment

  • Communicate with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Respond to cross-cultural misunderstandings

Work with temperature controlled stock

  • Store stock to meet temperature control requirements
  • Monitor and maintain temperature of stock within specifications
  • Transfer temperature controlled stock

Apply sampling procedures

  • Prepare for sampling
  • Collect samples

Apply 5S procedures

  • Sort needed items from undeeded
  • Set the workplace in order
  • Shine the work area
  • Standardise activities
  • Sustain the 5S system