MSF20313 Certificate II in Furniture Making

Course Overview

The nationally recognised MSF20313 Cert II in Furniture Making is for individuals wanting to develop the skills and knowledge required to manufacture  free-standing furniture or built-in cabinets, and provide on-site assistance in the installation of furniture or cabinets.

Students will develop the vocational skills required to work as an assistant cabinet maker, assistant installer of built-in cabinets, and production operator within a cabinet making enterprise. Cabinets include free-standing and built-in furniture or fitted cabinets, such as those used in kitchens and bathrooms. Installation or renovation of kitchens and bathrooms and other fitted cabinets involving collaboration with other team members is also covered in the courses. This qualification does not cover shopfitting.

Course Price: $1,332.00

Job Roles

Occupational titles may include:

  • Assistant Cabinet Installer
  • Assistant to Cabinet Maker
  • Production Operator (cabinet making)

Course Units Available

MSAENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Topics include


  • Identify current resource use and environmental issues.
  • Comply with environmental regulations.
  • Seek opportunities to improve environmental practices and resource efficiency.

MSMSUP102 Communicate in the workplace

Topics include:


  • Receive and relay messages
  • Interpret message
  • Respond to request for information
  • Complete workplace forms

MSMSUP106 Work in a team

Topics include:

  • Identify work activities
  • Organise daily work plan
  • Participate in a team

MSFGN2001 Make measurments and calculations

Topics include:

  • Identify appropriate measurements and equipment
  • Perform measurements
  • Perform calculations
  • Record measurements and calculations as required
  • Recognise routine and non-routine problems

MSFFM2001 Use furniture making sector hand and power tools

Topics include:


  • Identify hand and power tools
  • Select and use hand tools
  • Select and use power tool
  • Clean up work area and tools

CPCCWHS1001 Work safely in the construction industry

Topics include:

  • Identify health and safety legislative requirements of construction work.
  • Identify construction hazards and risk control measures.
  • Identify health and safety communication and reporting processes.
  • Identify incident and emergency response procedures.

CPCCCM2006 Apply basic levelling procedures

Topics include:

  • Plan and prepare.
  • Set up and use levelling device.
  • Clean up

MSFFM2002 Assemble furnishing components

Topics include:

  • Prepare for assembly
  • Assemble components
  • Clean work area and maintain equipment

MSFFM2003 Select and apply hardware

Topics include:

  • Plan and prepare work
  • Apply and/or fit and finish
  • Finalise operation and maintain equipment

MSFFM2007 Follow plans to assemble production furniture

Topics include:

  • Prepare for assembly
  • Assemble furniture
  • Finalise operation and maintain equipment

MSFKB2001 Prepare for cabinet installation

Topics include:


  • Follow work health and safety (WHS) procedures for on-site work
  • Prepare workplace
  • Confirm cabinet readiness for assembly and installation

MSS402001Apply competitive manufacturing practices

Topics include:

  • Identify own place in the value chain
  • Improve the product and process value
  • Use competitive systems and practices

MSS402051 Apply Quality Standards

Topics include:

  • Assess own work
  • Assess quality of received components, parts or materials
  • Investigate causes of quality deviations