TLI20421 Certificate II in Supply Chain Operations

Course Overview

The nationally recognised TLI20421 Certificate II in Supply Chain Operations is is a general qualification and suitable for anyone wanting to enter the Warehousing and Storage Industry or for existing workers wishing to develop their career options.

Students will develop the  knowledge and skills to perform a broad range of roles within the industry, including: WHS requirements, packaging and processing orders, stocktaking, storage of products applying accident and emergency procedures and customer service.

Course Price: $1,584.00

Job Roles

Occupational titles may include:

  • Store Person
  • Pick and Pack
  • Warehouse worker
  • Stock Controller

Course Units Available

There are 16 units included in this qualification.

TLIF0001 Apply chain of responsibiltiy legislation, regulations and workplace procedures

Topics include:

  • Explain the chain of responsibility features in the Heavy Vehicle National Law and regulations or applicable state/territory law and regulations
  • Apply chain of responsibility requirements in the Heavy Vehicle National Law and regulations or applicable state/territory law and regulations
  • Identify and report chain of responsibility breaches

TLIF1001 Follow Work Health and Safety Procedures

Topics include:

  • Follow workplace procedures for hazard identification and risk control
  • Contribute to arrangements for the management of work health and safety
  • Complete occupational health and safety records

TLIA2011 Package goods

Topics include:

  • Select materials and pack and unwrap products
  • Label packaged products/loads

TLIA2013 Receive Goods

Topics include:

  • Identify workplace procedures and documentation requirements for the receipt of goods
  • Check and inspect goods on arrival and complete workplace documentation
  • Unload, unpack and store stock

TLIA2021 Despatch Stock

  • Analyse order to identify work requirements
  • Follow workplace order picking processes to prepare goods for despatch
  • Complete despatch following workplace procedures and schedules

TLIE2008 Process Workplace Documentation

Topics include:

  • Plan documentation
  • Complete documentation

TLIA2014 Use product knowledge to complete work operations

Topics include:


  • Identify products in a subsection of a warehouse or other storage area
  • Examine quality and report on products
  • Use inventory and labelling systems to identify and locate products

TLID2004 Load and unload goods

Topics include:


  • Load and unload goods/cargo
  • Secure and protect load
  • Complete documentation

TLIL1001 Complete Workplace Orientation/Induction Procedures

Topics include:

  • Identify major areas of the workplace in terms of functions, organisational structures and occupations
  • Organise and accept responsibility for own workload
  • Apply ethical practices
  • Receive and act constructively on personal feedback
  • Participate in identifying and meeting own learning needs

TLIA2012 Pick and Process Orders

Topics include:

  • Identify workplace order picking processes, policies and procedures
  • Pick and despatch an order
  • Record stock levels

TLIA2022 Participate in Stocktakes

Topics include:

  • Prepare for stocktake
  • Stocktake and count stock
  • Identify stock discrepancies
  • Complete documentation

TLIA2020 Replenish Stock

Topics include:

  • Participate in stock rotation activities
  • Interpret and fill replenishment request
  • Complete stock replenishment

TLIJ2001 Apply Quality Procedures

Topics include:

  • Apply quality concepts
  • Trial improvements
  • Implement improvements

TLIK2010 Use Infotechnology Devices in The Workplace

Topics include:

  • Identify infotechnology systems
  • Access and operate computer-based equipment and systems
  • Input, store and present files/data
  • Implement workplace procedures for management and security of data

TLID2010 Operate a forklift

Topics include:

  • Check forklift condition
  • Drive forklift
  • Operate forklift to handle loads
  • Monitor site conditions
  • Monitor and maintain forklift performance

TLID2013 Move materials mechanically using automated equipment

Topics include:


  • Select load moving equipment
  • Move goods
  • Check goods and complete documentation
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