FDF30111 Certificate III in Food Processing

Course Overview

The nationally recognised FDF30111 Certificate III in Food Processing is a qualification suitable for individuals who want to work or further develop their career in the food processing industry.

Students will develop the skills and knowledge to work in a variety of production roles that require multi-skilled outcomes and include team leader functions. It provides the skills and knowledge for employment in a range of food processing environments such as dairy, fruit and vegetables, confectionery, grocery products, poultry, beverages and grain processing.

Course Price: $1,668.00

Job Roles

Occupational titles may include:

  • Operations Manager
  • Production Supervisors
  • Team Leader
  • Leading Hand
  • Line Manager
  • Supervisor

Course Units Available

There are 17 units included in this Qualification

Implement the food safety program and procedures

  • Implement the food safety program
  • Participate in maintaining and improving food safety
  • Comply with personal hygiene standards

Monitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs

  • Ensure others in the work area are able to meet quality and food safety requirements
  • Monitor observance of quality standards and food safety programs in the work area
  • Take corrective action in response to quality and food safety non-compliance
  • Maintain and improve quality and food safety in the work area

Participate in OHS processes

  • Identify space requirements
  • Identify safety and security requirements
  • Develop documentation system
  • Design storage zones
  • Evaluate facility utilisation

Contribute to OHS processes

  • Plan and conduct work safely
  • Support safe work practices in work area
  • Contribute to OHS participative processes
  • Contribute to hazard identification, OHS risk assessment and risk control activities
  • Participate in the control of emergency situations

Work in a socially diverse environment

  • Communicate with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Respond to cross-cultural misunderstandings

Work with temperature controlled stock

  • Confirm contract requirements
  • Establish contract management system
  • Monitor contract
  • Evaluate the contract

Work in a clean room environment

  • Prepare to enter a clean room environment
  • Work in a clean room environment
  • Exit a clean room environment and de-gown

Use numerical applications in the workplace

  • Apply basic mathematical concepts to calculate workplace information
  • Apply basic mathematical concepts to estimate workplace information

Apply quality systems and procedures

  • Monitor quality of work outcome
  • Participate in maintaining and improving quality at work

Provide and apply workplace information

  • Provide and apply information to suit workplace and audience requirements
  • Respond to information requests
  • Use and maintain workplace information

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

  • Identify current resource use and environmental issues.
  • Comply with environmental regulations.
  • Seek opportunities to improve environmental practices and resource efficiency.

Set up a production or packaging line for operation

  • Prepare for line setup
  • Set up the line for operation

Operate interrelated processes in a production system

  • Prepare the production system for operation
  • Operate and monitor the production system
  • Hand over production system operation
  • Shut down the production system
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of the production system

Support and mentor individuals and groups

  • Support others in the work area
  • Facilitate group processes

Lead work teams and groups

  • Negotiate and communicate team objectives
  • Plan the work activity
  • Manage team work to achieve required outcomes

Establish compliance requirements for work area

  • Identify compliance requirements
  • Establish compliance arrangements in work area

Participate in a HACCP team

  • Prepare to develop and/or review a food safety program
  • Identify and/or review food safety hazards
  • Establish and/or review methods to monitor and control food safety hazards