OSOM Escort Vehicle Driver Course NSW

The NSW Roads and Maritime Services  have introduced the Over Size Over Mass Escort Vehicle Driver Scheme (OSOM/EVDS) which aims to phase out the current system of police escorts accompanying  OSOM moves and replace with a pool of appropriately trained and accredited service providers and authorised escort vehicle drivers.

United Transport Solutions is an approved provider of the OSOM/EVDS Course. Anyone wanting to become and Escort Vehicle Driver in NSW must complete this nationally accredited training program.

For an explanation of the OSOM Escort Vehicle Driver’s scheme and details regarding he eligibility requirements, click the link below.

Access the application form for the OSOM Escort Vehicle Driver on the RMS Website.

The Units

Anyone wanting to become an Escort Vehicle Driver under this scheme must complete training and/or assessment in the following 6 units:

TLIC3010 – Pilot or Escort OSOM Loads

TLIE3009 – Use Pilot and Escort Communication

TLIF3013 –  Coordinate Breakdowns and Emergencies

TLIF3060 – Control Traffic as a Pilot Vehicle Operator

TLIH3002 – Plan and Navigate Routes

TLIF0075 –  Demonstrate Awareness of Interacting with Other Road Users

TLIB2004 – Carry Out Vehicle Inspection

Training and Assessment

There are a several ways you can complete the training:

  1. Training and assessment will be conducted in a classroom situation with a fully qualified trainer and assessor

2. Recognition pathway:

→ if you have previously successfully completed any of the units, and can provide evidence of this, you will be awarded Credit Transfer

→ if you have previous learning and experience then you may be eligible for RPL

3. You can claim some units through RPL or Credit transfer and complete the remaining units through classroom based training.

RMS Requirements

To become an Authorised Escort Vehicle Driver must satisfy the following conditions set by the RMS:

1. Fitness and Propriety

> Applicants for appointment must demonstrate and be found by Roads and Maritime to be fit and proper persons to provide escort vehicle driver services.

> Roads and Maritime will determine whether the applicant is a fit and a proper person, by considering relevant:

Criminal history.

Industry background.

Driving record.

> The applicant must provide a national criminal history check no more than one month old.

Training Requirements

2. The applicant must have successfully completed the 6 units of competence delivered by a Registered Training Organisation which Roads and Maritime

3. Driver’s licence

> Applicants must hold a current unrestricted class C driver’s licence for at least five years issued by the licensing authority of an Australian State or Territory. If the applicant holds a driver’s licence outside NSW, they must provide a copy of their traffic and licence history for at least five years.

4. Induction training

> Once the Escort Vehicle Driver has completed the requirements for their application, they will need to complete induction modules which will cover:

The OSOM EVDS Code of Conduct.

What it means to be a public official.

Road safety issues.

OSOM EVDS Business Rules and the OSOM EVDS Operating Guidelines

Details of what traffic control powers the Authorised Escort Vehicle Driver will exercise under rule 304 the Road Rules (2014).

5. Experience in driving pilot vehicles

> The applicant must demonstrate experience in driving pilot vehicles for OSOM vehicles, including evidence of at least 100 hours experience and a minimum of 20 trips as an OSOM vehicle pilot.

6. Medical requirements

>The applicant must be mentally and physically fit to perform the role of an Authorised Escort Vehicle Driver.

For Further Details regarding eligibility requirements go to:


UTS Requirement

Unique Student Identifier (USI): ALL students undertaking nationally recognised training must have a Unique Student Identifier

It is free and easy for students to create their own USI’s online. To apply for your USI, please visit usi.gov.au

Course Details

  • Includes training and assessment.
  • A 50% booking fee is required upon booking. Balance to be paid before commencement of course (Unless alternate arrangements have been made).
  • RMS Licence upgrade fees are not included.
  • Many trainees complete their training and assessment in the 8 hours allocated.  Any extra time will incur an additional fee.
  • “Prices are subject to change”without notice.

Payment Method

  • Eftpos – Mastercard, Visa
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Deposit)
    • Account Details:
  • Office payment (Cash)

Cancellation Policy

All booking fees are non refundable if cancellation has not been received 4 days before commencement of course date.